Colorado's Finest Kennels and Ranch Bichon Puppies

Deposits Received 

Deb Pop female 8/13 (2021)

Mariann D female 10/21

Jerry C male 11/21

Mindy P male 11/22

Matthew M male11/28

Sonya R (Jasmine) 2 males 11/30

Mike Z female 11/30

Chery B female 12/1

Robert J male12/4

Steven P female 12/6

Jennifer M 12/30


Updated 1/7/21

Beautiful litter of bichons born 12/7 (2 males and 1 females)  and 12/14 (1 female). 2 males and 2 females 


Updated 1/5/21

Our Colorado bichon puppies are amazing...that is all I can say. They are well socialized and ready to come to your home.  In addition it is quite a bonus that they have been completely vet checked from head to tail and have passed with flying colors.  I have had so many customers over the years tell me "This is the best Bichon puppy I have ever owned."  Let us know if you have any additional questions about our amazing Bichon puppies.

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Our Colorado bichon puppies are one of my favorite breeds.  The bichon or the bichon frise as is formally termed, is known as the happy go lucky dog.  Their "love all" attitude is what everyone loves about this breed.

They are also incredibly smart and will easily pick up on new tricks.  Colorado bichons love to keep themselves busy, so a stash of fun play toys and chew toys are always a good idea to have around. 

I hope you will love this breed as much as I do.