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The Bichon Basics

A Bichon has a very playful and entertaining personality, but yet a very gentle dog. They really need a minimal amount of room to romp and adjusts really well to apartments or townhome living.  The Bichon breed are not big barkers. They may get excited and alert you to someone at your door, but never sit in the house just barking

Bichons are always white (although puppies may be cream or have beige ears), they almost always have black eyes and black noses. They portray a very confident or proud look as their tails curve gracefully over their backs and their arched neck strike a look of confidence.

Bichons make the most amazing family pets. From their very joyful attitude to playing to the extremely happy personality lends itself to a great pet. Tjeu are also know for their affectionate and gentle nature.

Bichons are considered a nonshedding breed and are wonderful for people with allergies.  Please discuss this with your allergist. We also recommend interacting with puppies and sleeping on it before purchasing a pup if allergies are your concern.

Bichons don't like to be by themselves.  They want to be with their families.  They do adjust well so different lifestyles, but if you are gone all the time they will not adjust well with that.

The breed is a smaller dog and do well for people who live in apartments or townhouses.  However  they do have a lot of energy, and they need daily exercise, including walks and games.

Talk about intelligent, Bichons are incredibly smart and love to learn tricks. They will quickly learn which make them  highly trainable. When training, you need to be firm but gentle. Harsh corrections and scolding will break a Bichon's heart. Bichons can easily train  for obedience, agility, and rally competition. Basically the sky is the limit for this breed.  They just need a dedicated owner.   The breed is very gentle and sure to bring a smile to everyone's face, so they make perfect therapy dogs for visits in nursing homes and hospitals.

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